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Our College
Dr. Veena Gautam
Principal, Lakshmibai College

"Lakshmibai College is a renowned women's college of higher learning, producing not only a globally competitive work force but also graduates of international repute"  


Academic Requirements

• Each student is required to attend at least two thirds of the total number of lectures delivered in each subject in each Academic year. The students opting for Sports will not be given any exemption from the prescribed norms of the University attendance rules and will be treated at par with the students opting for NCC and NSS .
•The relaxation for students opting for Sports. NCC, NSS and participate in other co-curricular activities of the college shall be in accordance with the proscribed norms of the University.
•The students, who fail to obtain the required percentage of attendance in lectures, will not be allowed to sit for the University Examination. A student, who is detained, due to shortage of attendance for two consecutive years in the same class, shall not be re-admitted.
• Application for leave of absence exceeding three days should be submitted to the College office. The application should be countersigned by the guardians.
• Leave on medical grounds, should be supported by a medical certificate, which must be submitted to the College office within a week of rejoining. Leave sanctioned, however, does not mean that attendance has been granted. Students are required to make up the shortage. If the student falls short of attendance, the leave application (if submitted in time) may be considered according to University rules at the end of the year.
• Students will sign a Declaration form attached with the Prospectus accepting the attendance rules, at the time of admission.
• Attendance is given 5% weightage in Internal Assessment marks.
All students are required to attend tutorial classes and submit the assignments and project reports/term papers/ presentations/seminars. The marks given for these are a part of the internal assessment and count for 10% of marks.
A system of Internal Assessment has been introduced with effect from the academic year 2003-04 for all courses. According to this system 25% of the maximum marks in each paper in Undergraduate Courses will be assigned to Internal Assessment and the remaining 75% marks to the Annual/ Semester University Examinations. Each student shall be assessed continuously on the basis of written assignments/tutorials, project, & attendance. Students are required to check their internal assessment marks when displayed on the notice board. Please note that the University does not alter the marks that have been sent by the College to the University.
The internal assessment marks of the students are displayed on the notice board before sending them to the university in the month of May. The students should check their marks.
Marks obtained by each student in Internal Assessment are sent to the University and will be shown separately in the Marksheet issued by the University for determining the division of the student.
Tours / Picnics
Students are required to note that whenever the College arranges official tours, picnics etc., a `No Objection Certificate' from the parents of students will be taken and teachers will accompany them. A notice to this effect, duly signed by the College authorities, will also be put up on the Notice Board. In case the students go for hiking/tours/picnics organized by Private groups or unofficially on their own, the College will not bear responsibility for any mishap and the students will go at their own risk.
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