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Our College
Dr. Veena Gautam
Principal, Lakshmibai College

"Lakshmibai College is a renowned women's college of higher learning, producing not only a globally competitive work force but also graduates of international repute"  

Manual 1

Particulars of Organization

Functions and Duties

Lakshmibai College, is a constituent college of higher learning for women, University of Delhi. It offers courses in humanities, Social Science and Commerce. In today ‘s competitive and materialistic world, it is imperative to develop academically sound individuals who can not only contribute effectively to the national and global requirements but also make a positive contribution to society by becoming good human beings who are sensitive to needs of others in society. With this objective in mind the College endeavours to develop the required skills in students, which equip them with an attitude to face all eventualities in life with equanimity. 

The College  is  one of the premier institutions of higher educations for women was founded in 1965 in memory of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi, the great warrior, patriot and freedom fighter. It is a constituent college of the University of Delhi and is managed by the Governing Body nominated by the University of Delhi on the recommendation of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi. The college has its own building with spacious lawns and staff quarters. It has a locational advantage by having close proximity to the University of Delhi. It is surrounded by picturesque Ashoka Gardens  in front and a belt of green nurseries and Picnic-Hut a tourist resort, on the right side.The Institution is proud of the academic commitment of its faculty, which has several achievements to its credit and has made valuable contribution to the creation of congenial academic ethos. Our students are deeply conscious of the leadership potential of women and it is our faith that their feminism will inspire them to build a community devoid of adverse discrimination and oppression.Students creativity is evident in wide ranging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities organized by the various societies and associations working under the guidance of staff advisors. The sports wing of the College is vigorous and vibrant, winning many trophies and medals and fostering the spirit of healthy competition. The NCC cadets have enthusiastically participated in training and adventure camps and have won distinctions in mountaineering, firing and parasailing. One of our cadets, successfully climbed Sudershan Peak (21,500 feet) in 1995. The National Service Scheme wing of the college has won tremendous acclaim through dedicated community service by trying to reach out to the under-privileged and handicapped sections of the society and creating in our volunteers a sense of dedicated service. As we look back into the history of the last 44 years we feel a sense of pride and satisfaction that the college has carved a niche for itself in the field of education in liberal arts and social sciences for women. The college is an extended college with about 2300 students on rolls. The college utilizes its resources to the optimum. On Sundays and other holidays, it is a teaching center of the Non-Collegiate Women s Education Board.

We are committed to academic excellence and inculcate amongst our students the values of humanism, training for self-governance and overall development of their personality. Energy and vitality for College activities comes from a collective sense of purpose, comradeship and social solidarity. We feel a sense of satisfaction and pride that we have grown not only in size, but have been catering to the needs of the society for higher education, and meeting to the best of our ability, the challenges of our modern society. The students can look forward to a more meaningful interaction with teachers as, the teaching and learning process envisages a ramped up role for the colleges. 

The examination scheme has been recast and 25% of total marks in course have been reserved for internal assessment. This assessment would be based on mid-term examination, tutorial work, class presentations and attendance. The College extends a warm welcome to all the students who would be joining us this academic year. Our illustrious faculty will leave no stone unturned to make their stay in College fruitful.

1.2 Vision
Lakshmibai College will stimulate the hearts & minds of scholars and train and equip them to worktowards :
        ● Contribution to the welfare of the society at large.
        ● Academic excellence &over all development of personality
        ● Meeting day-to-day challenges & adapt themselves to the changing needs of theeconomy
        ● Educating them for becoming World Class Leaders for Tomorrow’s Business Environmentand for striving to maintain Universal         Peace, Prosperity, Harmony.

1.3 Mission
Lakshmibai College in its Mission of Education shall strive whole heartedly towards Meeting:
        ● The cause of Higher Education
        ● The challenging requirements of a dynamic economy with its changing needs.
        ● Providing a professional, market oriented education to the student community

1.4 Aims and objectives of the organization
        ● To impart higher education to women.
        ● Equipping them with the requisite tools on their way to becoming professionally andeconomically independent.
        ● Inculcating an awareness of their power and potential.
        ● To impart value education (through National Service Scheme and National Cadet Corps)
        ● Assisting them in the task of building a community devoid of discrimination and oppression

1.5 Quality Standards & Continuous Assessment
The Institution in pursuit for excellence has tried to maintain high standards in terms of teaching,research. Faculty, infra structure and related determinants of quality. As per the University Norms,the college has adopted continuous evaluation system based on internal assessments and end termexaminations.

1. M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Political Science, M.A. Sanskrit (Two year Post-Graduate DegreeCourses): Admission and teaching for these courses is done in the concerned Departments atthe University of Delhi as per their schedule. Only tutorial classes are held in the College.
2. B.Com (H), B.A. (H), B.A. (Programme) & B.Com (Course) are 3 year degree courses.

As per the University Guidelines, B.A. Honours Courses in Social Sciences and Humanities havebeen restructured. The new Restructured Honours Courses have been implemented from July,2005.

Salient Points: 1. The course content of the main Discipline in each subject is given on pages 6 to 9.
2. The details of concurrent courses are given on page 5.
3.The marks of the concurrent courses, except those of the qualifying paper, will be added to thefinal result of the student.
Along with the main discipline, each student is required to take four credit courses and one qualifying course. These are distributed as follows:
1st Year:
        ● One language course (credit)
        ● One language course (qualifying)
        ● One Interdisciplinary course (credit)
Course consists of 50 marks (Annual Examination- 38 marks, Internal Assesment- 12 marks) Pass Each
Marks for the Credit Courses are 40% and for the Qualifying course are 36%. Total marks of creditcourses: 1st yr 100; 2nd yr 100.


1. Only one course can be offered from one discipline in 2nd year.
2. These courses should be in subjects other than the student's main discipline.
3. A Student has to pass the qualifying course to be eligible for Honours degree. But marks of aqualifying course shall not be counted in the final result.
4. a) Honours students, other than Language/Literature, who opt for the compulsory Languagecourse (credit) in English, may offer the   qualifying course (Higher/lower) inHindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit or vice versa.
   b) They will take the qualifying course (Lower), if they have studied the Language only upto Class VIII.
   c) Students, who have not studied any of the languages after class VIII or if the Language they have studied beyond class VIII is not    offered by the College, will not be required to take thequalifying course in Language. Instead, they will opt for one of the   Interdisciplinary courses in lieu thereof.

  I Year II Year
Main Subject Language Course (credit) Interdisciplinary Course (credit) Second Language Course Qualifying
(H/L)* (non-credit)
Concurrent Discipline Courses
Punjabi/ Sanskrit
Punjabi/ Sanskrit/
(Elements of
(Formal Logic)
English Interdisciplinary :
Individual & Society
Gender & Society Hindi/Sanskrit/
(Medieval Delhi)
(Formal Logic)
Hindi Interdisciplinary : Language, Literature & Culture (in Hindi)   Language ( English/ Sanskrit/ Punjabi)or second  Interdisciplinary (Reading Gandhi) English/ Sanskrit/
Citizenship in a Globalizing World
(Medieval Delhi)
History English/Hindi/
Punjabi/ Sanskrit
Environmental Issues in India or Gender & Society English/Hindi/
Punjabi/ Sanskrit/
Political Science (Citizenship in a Globalizing World) Philosophy
(Formal Logic)
Mathematics English/Hindi/
Ethics in Public Domain English/Hindi/
Punjabi/ Sanskrit equivalent
Economics (Principles of Economics) Philosophy
(Symbolic Logic)
Philosophy English/Hindi/
Punjabi/ Sanskrit
Ethics in Public Domain English/Hindi
Sanskrit equivalent
Citizenship in a Globalizing World History
(Medieval Delhi)
Political Science English/Hindi/
Reading Gandhi

Sanskrit equivalent

(Medieval Delhi)
(Principles of Economics)
Sanskrit Interdisciplinary :
Literature & Culture (Sanskrit)
Language:(English /Hindi/
Punjabi)or second Interdisciplinary (Reading Gandhi)
Citizenship in a Globalizing World History
(Medieval Delhi)

B.A.(Hons.) Business Economics*

This three year full time degree course is split into six semesters. The semester-wise paper details are as follows :
I Year II Year III Year
Semester I Semester III Semester V
I Basic Macro Economics
II Statistics for Business
III Fundamentals of
Business and Accounting
IV Business Communication
IX Applied Macro Economics
X Legal Aspects of Business
XI Industrial Economics
XII Computer Fundamentals
XVII Indian Economy
XVIII Economic Policy and
Comparative Development
XIX Optional Group First (i)
XX Optional Group Second (i)
Semester II Semester IV Semester VI
V Basic Micro Economics
VI Mathematics for Business
VII International Trade
VIII Marketing Management
XIII Applied Micro Economics
XIV Management and
Organisational Behaviour
XV Applications of Computer
XVI Indian Financial System and Markets
XXI Environmental Economics
XXII Business Growth and
XXIII Optional Group First (ii)
XXIV Optional Group Second (ii)

Students will be required to choose any two of the following optional groups for V and VI semesters.

Optional Groups:

Group A : Financial Management
A (i) :
Corporate Finance
A (ii) : International Financial Management

Group B : International Business Environment
B (i) :
International Business Environment : Policies and Institutions
B (ii) : International Business

Group C : Enterpreneurship and Small Business
C (i) :
Enterpreneurship and Family Business
C (ii) : Small Business Management

Group D : Marketing
D (i) :
Consumer Behaviour and Sales Management
D (ii) : Market Research

Group E : Computer Applications
E (i) :
Programming in 'C' Language
E (ii) : Data Base : Concepts and Applications

Group F : Advanced Quantitative Techniques
F (i) :
Operation Research and Applications
F (ii) : Econometrics : Theory and Applications

Group G : Management of Services
G (i) :
Financial Services
G (ii) : Non Financial Service

*Admission to this course is on the basis of centralized admission test conducted by the university. Only 20 seats available in the college.

I year II year III year
Paper Code Paper Code Paper Code
A101 Business Organisation and Management B101 Corporate Accounting C301 Management Accounting
A103 Financial Accounting B102 Cost Accounting C302 Macroeconomics
A104 Microeconomic Theory and Applications-I B103 Microeconomic Theory and Applications - II C303 Indian Economy, Performance and policies Two Elective Groups consisting of  two papers each of
A105 Business Statistics B104 Business Mathematics   (i)Financial & Investment Management Tax Planning & Management
A106 Business Law B105  Corporate Laws   (ii)Financial & Investment Management & Marketing
A108 Introduction to Computers and Information systems B106 Income Tax Law and Policies C309 Advertising & Personal Selling
A109 (a) Business Communication

(b) Politics, Ethics & Social Responsibility of Business
B107 (a) E-Commerce (b) Auditing C322 Project Work
    XV Political Science/Mathematics    
B.A. (Hons.) Economics
A341 Principles of Economics  B201 Microeconomics C201 Economy, State and Society
A342 Mathematical Methods for Economics B202 Macroeconomics C202 Development Theory & Experience
A343 Statistical Methods for Ecomomics B203 Economic History of India 1857-1947   four optional papers
    B204 India's Economic Development since 1947 C205 Public Economics
C206 Comparative Economic Development(1850-1950)
C207 Introductory Econometrics
C210 International Econometrics
B.A.(Hons.) English
A101 English Literature-IV B101 English Literature-I C101 English Literature-III
A102 Twentieth Century Indian Writing B102 English Literature-II C102 English Literature-V
      Optional Paper* (one of the following) : C103 Contemporary Literature
B103 Nineteenth Century European Realism   Optional Paper* (one of the following) :
B104 Classical Literature C104 Anglo-American Writing since 1930
B105 Forms of Popular Fiction C105 Literary Theory
  C106 Women's Writing in the in 19th & 20 century
C107 Modern European Drama
Note :
In multi-optional Honours Courses, the College reserves the right to offer only one option.
* The College provides teaching in one option only in each of the optionals of 2nd & 3rd years.
B.A.(Hons.) History
A361 History of India upto Circa A.D. 750 B361  History of India Circa AD 750-1550 C361  History of India Circa AD 1540-1750
A362 Social Formations & Cultural Patterns of Ancient and Medieval World B362 The Rise of the Modern West (mid 15th c to American Revolution) C362 History of India Circa AD 1750-1950
    B364 History of USSR (1917-1964) C363 History of China & Japan (1840-1949)
    C364 History of Modern Europe (c 1780 - 1939)
B.A.(Hons.) Hindi
A201 Sahityalochan B201 Hindi Gadh Sahitya(Upanyas,Kahani & anya Gadh Vidhyayein) C301 Aadhunik Kavyadhara-II (Pragativaad aur Nayi Kavita)
A202 Bhakti Kavyadhara B202 Aadhunik Kavyadhara-I (Navjagaran aur Swachhandtavad) C302 Hindi Natak
A203 Riti Kavyadhara B203 Samanya Bhasha Vigyaan & Hindi Bhasha C303 Bhartiya Bhasha Sahitya
        C304 Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihaas Vikalp Prashnapatra (Kisi ek Varg ke Dono Prashnapatra)
C306 Prayojan Moolak Hindi-I
C309 Prayojan Moolak Hindi-2 OR
C311 Hindi Patrakarita
B.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics***
I Calculus IV Differential Equations & Math. Modelling I VIII Differential Equations & Math. Modelling II
II Analysis I V Analysis I I IX Probability and Statistcs
III Algebra I VI C++ Programming and Numerical Methods X Algebra-III
    VII Algebra II XI Analysis-III
    XII Optional** any one
 **The college reserves the right to offer any one paper.For details of optional papers contact the teacher incharge.
 ***This is the new name of BA(Hons) Maths. Students who have studied Mathematics in class XII are eligible for this couses.
Note :
In multi-optional Honours Courses, the College reserves the right to offer only one option.
* The College offers only these two optional papers.
B.A.(Hons.) Philosophy
A261  Logic B261 History of Western Philosophy C261 Ethics
A262 Elements of Indian Philosophy B263 Greek Philosophy C262 Texts of Indian Philosophy
        C265 Later Greek Philosophy
C266 Philosophy of Religion
B.A.(Hons.) Political Science
A381 Colonialism and Nationalism in India B381 Indian Government and Politics C381 Western Political Thought
A382 Political Theory B382 Comparative Government and Politics C382 Public Administration with special reference to India
A383 Indian Political Thought B383 International Relations C383 India's foreign Policy Option
        C384(i) Women & Political Process
C386(ii) United Nations Organisation
B.A.(Hons.) Sanskrit
A161 Poetry B161 Drama C161 Vaidika Vangmaya
A162 Prose B162 Epics and Dharmashastra C162 Nyaya and Vyakarana
    B163 History of Sanskrit Literature C163 Essay, Translation Rhetoric & Prosody
    C164 Modern Sanskrit Literature
B.Com (Course) is a 3 year program in which the following papers need to be studied.
1 Year II Year III Year
A101 Business Organisation & Management B101 Business Maths & Statistics C101 Cost Accounting
A102 Financial Accounting B102 Corporate Accounting C102 Computer Applications in Business
A103 Business & Industrial Law B103 Company & Compensation Law C103 Economics -III
A104 Economics Paper- I (Principles of Economics) B104 Income Tax & Auditing   (Economic Development & Policy) Humanities Group One Optional Paper*
A105 Humanities Group -One of MIL (Hindi) B105 Economics -II (Macro-Economics) C118 Financial Management
    B106 Humanities Group English C119 Marketing Management
    C120 HRD
C121 E-Commerce

1.6 (6) B.A. (PROGRAMME)

Course Category I Year II Year III Year
1.Discipline courses (Any two) 1+1 1+1 1+1
2.Language courses English and Indian Languages 1 Indian language
+ 1 English
1 Indian language 1 English
3.Foundation courses (Any one)  1 
4. Application courses (Any one)     1
Total papers studied 4 4 4
Course Category I Year II Year III Year
Advertising Sales Management and Sales Promotion (ASMSP)* A-101 B-101 C-101
Apparel Designing and Construction (ADC)** A-102
B-102 C-102
Business Data Processing (BDP) A-111 B-111 C-111
Economics A-117 B-117 C-117
English Discipline A-189 B-189 C-189
Food Technology (FT)** A-125 B-125 C-125
History I A-139 B-139 C-139
History II A-140 B-140 C-140
Hindi Discipline A-138 B-138 C-138
Mathematics A-155 B-155 C-155
Music A-156 B-156 C-156
Philosophy A-210 B-210 C-210
Political Science A-166 B-166 C-166
Punjabi Discipline A-194 B-194 C-194
Sociology A-175 B-175 C-175
Sanskrit Discipline*** A-190 B-190 C-190
Course Category I Year II Year III Year
English - A  (ENA) A-119   C-119
English - B  (ENB) A-120   C-120
English - C  (ENC) A-121   C-121
Hindi - A   (HNA) A-135 B-135  
Hindi - B  (HNB) A-136 B-136  
Hindi - C  (HNC) A-137 B-137  
Punjabi - A  (PNA) A-168 B-168  
Punjabi - B  (PNB) A-169 B-169  
Punjabi - C  (PNC) A-192 B-192  
Sanskrit  (SK) A-171 B-171  
In lieu of Language Course      
History I  (HS-I) A-302 B-302 C-302
History II  (HS-II) A-303 B-303 C-303
Philosoply A-305 B-305
Note : Eligibility for Language courses ?
Stream A - passed English/Indian Language in Class XII at Senior Secondary Level
Stream B - passed English/Indian Language in Class X
Stream C - studied English/Indian Language upto Class VIII only
Note :
Students who have studied Sanskrit upto class XII / X are eligible to opt for Sanskrit.
* Must have commerce in class XII.
** These are Discipline courses in Home Science
*** Some relaxation in percentage may be given for students opting for Sanskrit.

1.7 Organizational Set Up

The College is headed by its Principal. On the Academic Front, the College has differentdepartments like the Department of English, Hindi, Commerce, Economics, History,Mathematics, Music, Bengali, Food-Technology, Philosophy, Political Science, Punjabi,Sanskrit, Sociology, and Physical Education manned by respective Department Heads whichare responsible for imparting education in the respective subjects at B.A (Programme),B.A.(Hons.), B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) level, & B.B.E. ( Hons). Our faculty includes illustriousand dedicated teachers who are designated as Assistant Professors,Associate Professors . The College is administered under the supervision of the Principal through Staff Council, itsCommittees, Administration Branch and the Accounts Branch of the College. Besides, theCollege has well equipped library with 80,000 books and subscribe to 25 journals. The Libraryhas also internet connectivity and is fully automated.

1.8 The Faculty

PRINCIPAL Dr. Karuna Kaushik,
M.A., Ph.D., Adv. Diploma in Russian (Delhi)
VICE PRINCIPAL Dr. Vijaylakshmi Chaudhary, M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Department of Apparel Designing and Construction
( Teacher Incharge- Dr. Sabrina Sareen)
Dr. Sabrina Sareen M.Sc.,  Ph. D (Delhi)
Department of Commerce ( Teacher Incharge- Ms. Poornima Sunil Talwar) )
Dr. Raj Nangia M.Com., M. Phil (Delhi), Ph.D. (Meerut)
Dr. Anita Goel M. Com., M. Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Lata Sharma M.Com., M. Phil. (Delhi)
Dr. Madhu Aggarwal M. Com, M. Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Neeta Bareja M. Com., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Dr. Alka Harneja   Ph.D  (Delhi)
Dr. Vanita Agarwal M.A. Eco., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Poornima S. Talwar M.Com, M.Phil. (Delhi)
Dr. Gayatri Varma M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Sushma Aggarwal M.Com., M. Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Sarika Bhatnagar M.Com., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Ms. Vibha Gupta M.Com., M. Phil (Delhi)
Ms. Janaki T. K. M. Com., (Madurai)
Ms. Ruchi Ahuja M.Com., M. Phil (Delhi)
Ms. A. Porchelvi M.Com., M.Phil (Tamil Nadu) B.Ed. (Madras), PGDCA (Tamil Nadu)
Ms. Sucheta Gauba M.Com., M.Phil (Delhi), PGDBA
Ms. Hemlata M.Com. (Delhi), M.Phil (MKU)
Department of Economics (Teacher Incharge- Ms. Santosh Aggarwal )
Ms. Kamlesh Gupta M.A. (Punjab)
Ms. Suman Jain M.A. (Delhi), B.Ed. (Delhi), Adv. Diploma in Russian,
Diploma in Distance Education
Ms. Asha Kashyap M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Santosh Aggarwal M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Santosh Malhotra M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Isha Chawla M.A., M. Phil. (Delhi)                              (On Study Leave)
Ms. Ritu Suri M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Suman Sonkar M.A. (Allahabad), M. Phil. (J.N.U.)         (On Study Leave)
Department of English ( Teacher Incharge- Ms Ashima Kanwar )
Ms. Madhulika Saran M.A. (Agra)
Ms. Veena Arora M.A., Diploma in Lgts., Adv. Diploma in French (Delhi)
Ms. Suneel Prakash M.A. (Delhi)
Dr. Chandra Nisha Singh M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi) (On deputation)
Ms. Madhu Kanwar M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Sucheta Chaturvedi M.A., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Ms. Ruchi Mundeja M.A., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Ms. Deeba Zafir M.A., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Dr. Mahavir Prasad Yadav M.A.(Chandigarh),M.Ed.(M.D.U),M.Phil., Ph.D.(Nanded)
Ms Ashima Kanwar M.A., M.Phil (Delhi)
Ms. Anju Dhaiya M.A (Chandigarh) M.Phil (KU).
Department of Food Technology ( Teacher Incharge-Dr. Anita Malhotra)
Dr. Anita Malhotra M.Sc. , Ph.D. (Delhi)
Department of Hindi (Teacher Incharge- Dr. Veena Gautam )
Ms. Kusum Mittal M.A. (Delhi)
Dr. Vijay Laxmi Chaudhry M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Veena Gautam M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi), D. Litt. (Bihar)
Dr. Snehlata Arora M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Meenu Khaneja M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Rashmi Gupta M.A. (Kumayun), Ph.D. (Benaras)
Dr. Ranjit Kaur M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Anshu Singh Jharwal M.A., M.Phil.(Rajasthan)
Ms. Manisha Shankhwar M.A., M.Phil, P.G. Diploma in translation & editing Art (Delhi)
Dr. Neelam M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (JNU)
Dr. Kamlesh Lal M.A.,M. Phil., Ph.D.
Ms. Pramila M.A. (Skt.), M.A. (Hindi), M.Phil. (Delhi)
Department of History (Teacher Incharge- Ms. Gitanjali Dey )  
Ms. Kamna Bahadur M.A. (Delhi)         (Retiring in June 2010)
Ms. Chhanda Bose M.A., Diploma in French (Jadavpur)
Dr. Karuna Kaushik M.A., Ph.D., Adv. Diploma in Russian (Delhi)
Ms. Geeta Arya M.A., M.Phil, Certificate in Persian (Delhi)        ( On study leave)
Ms. Vrishti Kanojia M.A. (Allahabad)        ( On study leave)
Ms. Gitanjali Dey M.A., M.Phil (Delhi)
Department of Mathematics (Teacher Incharge- Ms. Anu Chhabra )  
Dr. Bina Gupta M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Beena R. Gupta M.A., Ph.D., Diploma in Japanese (Delhi)
Dr. Asha G. Shankar M.Sc. (Delhi), M.Sc. (London), Diploma in French (Delhi),
D.I.C. (Imperial College, London), M.Phil. (Meerut),
Ph.D. (London), Ph.D. (Meerut)
Ms. Chitra Sharma M.Sc., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Dr. Sudha Gupta M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Anu Chhabra M.Sc., M.Phil (Delhi)
Ms. Laxmi M.Sc., M.Phil (Delhi)
Ms. Poonam Sarohe M.A., M.Phil (Delhi)
Ms. Anu Jain M.A., M.Phil (Delhi)
Department of Music (Teacher Incharge- Dr. Krishna Choudhury)
Dr. Krishna Choudhury M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Mr. Vijay Ateet B.A. (Hons.) Sangeet Praveen, (M. Music),
Tabla Accompanist.
Department of Philosophy (Teacher Incharge- Ms. Mansi Gupta)
Ms. Anita. V. Khosla M.A. (Delhi)
Dr. Sneh Khosla M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Jaya Ray M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D (Delhi)
Ms. Minni Jha Mishra M.A., M.Phil. (Delhi)      (on study leave)
Ms. Rajshree Roy M.A. (Shillong)
Ms. Mansi Gupta M.A., M.Phil (Delhi)
Department of Physical Education (Teacher Incharge- Dr. Sunita Arora)
Dr. Sunita Arora M.A. Physical Education (Jiwaji), Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Seema Kaushik M.P.E. (Jiwaji), Ph.D
Department of Political Science (Teacher Incharge- Dr. Juhi Singh)
Ms. Sunil Prashar M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Anita Sachdeva M.A. (Delhi)
Ms. Nirmal Kanta M.A., Dip. in Japanese, Cert. in French (Delhi)
Ms. Rashmi Kashyap M.A., M.Phil. (Delhi)
Dr. Rekha Kaul M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Swatantra K. Pradhan M.A. (Jammu), M.Phil (JNU), Ph.D. (JNU)
Dr. Geeta Sahare M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Madhu Jha M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Juhi Singh M.A., M.Phil. (Delhi), Ph.D. (Manipal)
Dr. Ritu Goel M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Babita Verma M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Sonia Dabas M.A., M. Phil. (Kurukshetra) B.Ed. (Delhi)           (On study leave)
Diploma in Electronics & Communications   (Pusa Polytechnic)
Ms. Themichon Woleng M.A. (Manipur), M. Phil (Delhi)
Ms. Rashmita Behera M.A., M.Phil. (JNU)
Ms. Pinki Maurya M.A., M.Phil. (JNU)
Ms. Seema Singh M.A., M.Phil (Delhi)
Department of Punjabi (Teacher Incharge- Dr. Jagjit Kaur)
Dr. Jagjit Kaur M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Department of Sanskrit ( Teacher Incharge- Ms. Mohini Arya)
Dr. Pushpa Gupta M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Savitri Gupta M.A., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Dr. Anita Sharma M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi)
Ms. Mohini Arya M.A.(Delhi)
Mr Dolamoni Arya M.A.(Delhi)
Department of Sociology
to be appointed  

Ms. Monika Kapoor Senior P.A. to Principal  
Mr. Prem Kant Section Officer
Mr. Ravinder Kumar Sr. Assistant
Mr. Naresh Kumar Assistant  
Mr. Radhey Shyam Assistant  
Mr. Dharub Pal Jr. Assistant  
Mr. Mehar Chand Jr. Assistant  
Mr. Narender Kumar Jr. Assistant  
Ms. Nisha Jr. Assistant  
Mr. Shailendra Pal Bhatia Section Officer (Officiating)      Sr. Assistant (Cashier)  
Ms. Lajwanti Assistant  
Mr. Kishan Kumar Jr. Assistant  
Mr. Manoj Kumar Jr. Assistant  
Mr. Lal Mohamamed Professional Assistant                  (Officiating Librarian)  
Mr. Prem Dutt Mumgaim Semi Professional Assistant  
Mr. Bhuvneshwar Sharma Semi Professional Assistant  
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Semi Professional Assistant  
1.10 Allocation of business

The members of the teaching staff are mainly responsible for the academic curriculum of theCollege under the supervision of the Principal. The Administration Branch looks into theprocess of admissions, examinations, attendance, enrolments etc. of the students whereas theAccounts Branch looks into the financial matters. The Library headed by its Librarian takescare of the reading material requirements of the Students.

Duties to be performed to achieve the mission
The teaching faculty undergoes refreshers and orientation courses to keep abreast of thelatest developments and trends. The students are also tested on a regular basis.

Details of services rendered
The National Service Scheme and the National Cadet Corps and other societies are a part ofthe College’s ongoing endeavour to contribute to society. Self-defence training is alsoimparted to make our students more self-reliant.

Citizens interaction
Through the organization of activities such as career melas, seminars, workshops, symposia. Postal address of the main office, attached/subordinate office/field units etc. LakshmibaiCollege (University of Delhi), Ashok Vihar-III, Delhi – 110 052

Map of office location
Lakshmibai College is situated in Ashok Vihar Phase-III. It has a locational advantage byhaving close proximity to the University of Delhi. The lush Ashoka Gardens is right in front ofthe College.

Working hours both for office and public.
Classes for regular students are held in the College six days a week. The office functions from9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Classes for Non-Collegiate students are held on Sundays and duringthe Autumn and Winter break on a regular basis. Queries related to the Non-Collegiate workare normally entertained on days classes are held for them.

Public interaction, if any
Seminars, workshops, symposia, panel discussions and plays on socially relevant issues andthemes.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism
Different committees have been set up at the College level to tackle different kinds ofcomplaints. A College Complaint Committee (CCC) is in place to maintain a friendly workenvironment, free from any sort of gender bias or sexual harassment. Grievance Committee is set up during admissions (Principal, Vice-Principal, Co-Conveners ofAdmission Committee.
    ● Proctorial Board.
    ● Counsellor
    ● Tutor
    ● ward system.
A list is displayed on the Notice Board and can be obtained byany student from the dealing branch and the counsellor.

1.11 Facilities and Activities

The College has a well stocked library and a spacious reading room which remain open to allstudents throughout the year from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays andGazetted holidays).
Every student is given Readers Tickets which they use to get books issued. Books in thegeneral and text book sections are issued for one week only. Books in the Reserve Sectionare issued with advance reservation and prior permission of the Librarian. They are issuedonly on an overnight basis after 1.00 p.m. and must be returned by 9.30 a.m. the followingday. Reference books and periodicals are available for consultation only. The library has beencomputerized. Internet facility is also available to the students.

        ● Reader's tickets are not transferable.
        ● Honours students will be given three tickets and a reference card. Pass coursestudents will be given two tickets and a         reference card.
        ● The reference card is to be produced everyday at all service points, i.e. the entrance, the issue counter, the reference         section etc.
        ● Students will be required to bring one passport size photograph for their referencecards.
        ● Students will be fined at the rate of Re 1.00 per day for late return of books & Rs.2.00 for late return of reference books.
        ● Students will be fined for damage of library books and may even be deprived oflibrary facilities.
        ● Any student using or misappropriating another student's ticket/tickets will be severelypenalised.
        ● Loss of books must be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing failing whichthe student will be liable to pay a
         heavy fine including one and a half times the cost ofthe book. Tearing the pages from any library book/magazine will be fined
        ● Students are required to look up the Library notice-board from time to time for libraryrules and regulations and any other
         information concerning the Library.
        ● Loss of Library tickets has to be reported to the Librarian. A duplicate Library card willbe made available on payment of Rs.
         5/- and a duplicate reference card will beavailable for Rs. 10/- .

The college has an air conditioned seminar room with state of the art infrastructure. This isused for lectures, seminars and workshops.

The college has spacious, well lighted and furnished labs :-
        ● Food Technology Lab
        ● Apparel Design Lab
        ● Air Conditioned Computer Lab

All students may undergo a thorough medical check-up once a year. There is a nurse to lookafter the needs of the students. They can avail of medical help in the Medical Room (RoomNo. 15) whenever necessary. Students can avail of medical consultation and treatment,without any extra Charge at W.U.S. Health Centre located at Chhatra Marg, University of Delhiafter showing their Identity Card.

The college has a well furnished common room with facilities for indoor games for the studentswhere they can relax during free time.

1.11 (6) CANTEEN
Adjoining the common room, the college canteen with a new ambience provides a variety ofsnacks and beverages at reasonable prices. In case of any problems/suggestions thefollowing teachers can be contacted: Dr. Rashmi Gupta (Hindi Deptt.), Dr. Babita Verma (Pol.Sc. Deptt.

1.11 (7) BANK
Bank of India has an Extension Counter in the college. It offers all banking facilities to the staffand the students. The Bank has become an integral part of college life by sponsoring seminars& various college activities regularly.

1.11 (8) PHOTOSTAT
The college has a Photostat cabin to provide photostating facility.

Behind the college canteen, there is a stationery shop selling text books and other stationeryitems.

1.11 (10) TRANSPORT
The routes serving Lakshmibai College are 220, 166, 141, 912, 913, Metrofeeder.

The College provides a sensitive and friendly atmosphere to the visually challanged students.It has a fairly large number of such students in all the courses. The college has set up aDisability Unit in 2006-07 with the help of UGC grant in the Xth plan period under the HEPSNprogramme. This unit caters to the needs of students with visual disability. The College is alsocommitted to make them computer literate and to improve their English language skills so thatthey too construct as bright and normal a universe for themselves aspossible.

The wave of computerization countinued in the college in the year 2007-08. Accounts &Administrative Departments maintained their earlier trend of computer generated outputs.

In order to promote all round development and growth of the personality, every student isexpected to join one of the following :

1.11 (14) SPORTS
The College has a big playground to hold sports activities. The college provides facilities forvarious games and sports with expert coaches in Judo, Volley-ball, Soft-ball, Table-Tennis,Badminton, Kabbaddi, Chess, Yoga, Athletics, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Swimming, CrossCountry Race, Wrestling, Power lifting, Shooting & Baseball. Interested students can achieveexcellence in sports and pursue them as a career. The college attracts not only state-levelplayers but national-level players also. Throughout the year students participate in manyevents at Inter College, State and All India University National level etc. and bring glory to the College. Students may contact Dr. Sunita Arora or Dr. Seema Kaushik in the sports room.

        ● coaching classes for children
        ● cleanliness drive
        ● adult education
        ● reading to the visually challenged persons
        ● recreation and cultural programmes.
A ten-day camp is organised during October, December and Summer vacations. Volunteerswill be awarded certificates of merit provided they complete 120 hours in the various co-curricular activities and have attended one of the three special camps organised by the unit.Students who want to join the scheme are advised to contact Dr. Geeta Sahare, Dr. Ritu Goel and Ms.Anita Sachdeva of the Deptt. of Political Science.

The National Cadet Corps trains the cadets in drill, signalling, weapon training, map reading,child-care and mother craft. Training is also given in Civil Defence, Social Service, First Aidand Home Nursing. After joining the NCC, the cadets can participate in the following activities :
Annual Training Camps, All India Camps and Republic Day Camps, Trekking andMountaineering, Skiing, Water Sports, and Water Skiing.
At the end of the three year academic course, the students can obtain G Part I and Part IIcertificates for a bright career. Students desirous of taking up this training are advised to contact Dr. Seema Kaushik.

A representative body for the students of the College, duly elected by them, the Students'Union coordinates and schedules all the Extra Curricular Activities of the College under theguidance of the Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Rekha Kaul and Ms. Deeba Zafir. It encourages the students to take keen interest in thevarious activities and the functions of the College. Among the major events organised by theUnion are the Orientation programme for the new entrants, the Freshers' Party, and MissLakshmibai College contest, and the prestigious and much awaited two day culturalprogramme, 'Vividha'.
The Students' Union now functions with the support and guidance of the Students' Councilwhich consists of the elected members from each class.
        ● The College premises are not to be used for any private arrangement of tours andpicnics.
        ● Before going on a tour or a picnic, students should confirm whether it is an officiallysanctioned programme.

1.11 (18) SOCIETIES
Lakshmibai College encourages students to take part in a variety of activities for the overalldevelopment of their personality. For the convenience of the students, Wednesday IV periodhas been especially reserved for Extra Curricular Activities. Students are expected toparticipate enthusiastically in these activities and win prizes.

Every student is required to be a member of any two of the following societies:
Society Co-convenors
English Literary and Debating Society Ms. Ruchi Mundeja, Ms. Deeba Zafir
Hindi Debating and Dramatics Society Dr. Lata Sharma, Dr. Alka Harneja
Music and Dance Society Dr. Krishna Choudhry, Ms. Chhanda Bose
Fine Arts Society Ms Manisha Shankhwar, Dr. S.K.Pradhan
Gandhi Study Circle Ms. Pinki Maurya, Ms. Rashmita Behera
Punjabi Literary and Cultural Society Dr. Jagjit Kaur
Sanskrit Literary and Cultural Society Mr. Dolamoni Arya
Garden Committee Ms. Nirmal Kanta, Dr. Lata Sharma

The Student's magazine 'Jyoti' is brought out annually. It provides students with a powerful medium for expressing their creativity in Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Punjabi. The best article in each language is given a prize. Also a contest is generally held for the cover page. So do look out for these notices. The articles for the magazine can be given to Ms Ruchi Mundeja (English Deptt.) and Ms. Ruchi Ahuja (Commerce Deptt).

The Departments have their own Associations. Each Association organises debates, seminarsand other competitions and, at times, invites distinguished speakers. The DepartmentalAssociations are run by the elected student office bearers assisted by Staff Advisors.

The College has a Women's Development Centre under which a counselling unit, with a trained Counsellor, functions. The Centre organizes Nukkar Nataks, Essay/Poster competitions, Symposia cum Workshops to create awareness among students about women's rights and their role in society. Women's Development Centre started a film club 'Womanoscope' for screening films on issues relating to women followed by discussion with experts on the issues raised by the film. Nearly 80 students have enrolled for the club. Students who wish to join the center are advised to contact Dr. Madhu Jha and Dr. Geeta Sahare of the Deptt. of Political Science.

Environment awareness is an essential part of education. The Society works with the missionto open up a vision of an eco-friendly world to our students. It undertakes many activitiesduring the year such as essay writing, quiz, art and craft and poster making. Students are alsotaken to workshops/seminars and excursions to enjoy the cultural heritage and natural beautyof our country. An annual exhibition titled 'Eco-friendly World' - is organized at the time of theCollege Day. It gives an opportunity to the students to practise the 3 R's- Reduce, Re-use andRe-cycle in their daily lives. Students are awarded certificates and prizes for outstandingperformance in these activities.
  • The College has become a member of the Eco-Club of Deptt. of Environment of NCT, Delhi. We participate in the Eco-meet organised by Delhi Govt. every year.
 • A Solar bench has been installed in the College premises.
 • "Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme" is operational and organic manure will be produced from household (biodegradable) and green waste.
 • "Rainwater Harvesting System" is also proposed to be installed in the near future.
Students interested in joining the Environment Brigade may contact Ms Suman Jain, Dept. of Economics.

This Society for students from North East, Sikkim, Bhutan & Tibet was started last year in ourcollege to assimilate the students of these states of India into our college main stream.Through this society, LBC is making a successful effort to make the students appreciate theirglorious and diverse Indian culture.

The Alumni Association of the College helps in strengthing the bond of the students with theirAlma Mater. They generally have a get together in March every year.
The College alumni consists of lecturers in Colleges and University Departments. Some arealso working in Multi National Companies, Banks, Schools etc. Many of them run their own businesses.
The first get together was held on 25th March 2006. At this function we had the alumni of the1st Batch with us, Ms. Sneh Prasad, who works in NCERT. She and others shared fondmemories of the years they had spent in the college.
To become a member of the association every IIIrd year student is required to contribute Rs.100/-

The Placement Cell of the College facilitates on-campus recruitments through a series of interviews by reputed companies. A database of the final year students and the alumni of the College is being prepared at the Placement desk and career counselling is provided to students through lectures and personal guidance. A respectable number of students have made way well sought after jobs. Students may contact Ms. Sucheta Gauba and Ms. Hemlata (Commerce Deptt.)

There is a College Complaint Committee (CCC) under the auspices of Apex Complaint Committee (ACC) of the University of Delhi. This committee works to create and maintain friendly work environment, free from any sort of gender bias or sexual harassment anywhere. In case any student faces any harassment from the opposite sex, she must lodge a complaint with the Principal/CCC immediately. Students are given training in self-defence so that they can protect themselves anywhere.Students may contact the following regarding any complaints - Dr. Babita Verma, Dr. Ritu Goel and Ms. Rajashree Roy.

1.11 (27) SELF DEFENCE
Lakshmibai College, in collaboration with Delhi Police organises training in self-defence in theCollege premises. This is to sensitise the students to the relevance of self defence in thepresent day scenario, and enable them to defend themselves and others, if the need arises.

The College has established 'Navya', a self-help group of students and teachers, including theretired members of the staff. Under the able guidance of Dr. Veena Khanna, the groupprovides financial assistance to needy students on easy returnable terms, apart from providingrequired skills. It has also started a block printing unit (Vocational Training Course) in theCollege in collaboration with 'Navabhiyan', an NGO to help students to be self reliant. It alsoprovides emotional support to students in any sort of crisis. Mobile Computer TrainingServices, free of cost to socially disadvantaged students, are also being provided by Som DuttFoundation in collaboration with Navabhiyan.


The college will conduct part time certificate courses in French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean Language. The students who wish to join these classes have to pay an additional fee for the same. They will appear in the University examination and will be given a certificate on succesful completion.

The college has the privilege to be selected by the UGC to start the course "Career OrientedProgramme in Computer Training skills based Modules" for the visually impaired students ofthe college in the Academic year 2008-09.
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